Prayer Points for Israel

Northern Israel on High Alert:  IDF soldiers are on high alert on the northern border with Lebanon after Hezbollah threatened to retaliate for an alleged Israeli air strike on a weapons transfer from Syria to Lebanon.  Hezbollah, the leading terrorist group operating within Lebanon, has been known to send rockets into northern Israel and they are becoming increasingly armed with more sophisticated weaponry.  Bashar Assad also continues to arm Hezbollah with weapons that he does not want destroyed by other Western powers.  This is the very thing Israel is actively trying to prevent.  Please pray for protection over Israel’s border with Lebanon, and for the people living in Northern Israel.  Please also pray for superb intel for the IDF as they make crucial decisions in protecting Israel and her people every moment. Lastly, please pray for the gospel of peace to go forth throughout Lebanon, to those people who do not know Yeshua.

Iraq to Purchase Arms from Iran: Iraq and Iran have signed a $195 million weapons agreement, in a deal that effectively breaks the UN embargo on weapons sales by Iran. This is the slippery slope that many predicted would happen by easing up on the tough sanctions on Iran, and Israel will definitely be affected by it.  This is just the beginning of such illegal business with Iran since the lifting of the sanctions, so we ask for prayer for Israel’s protection from her enemies obtaining further weapons, as well as swift consequences for those who do break the current international restrictions regarding Iran.

Massive Demonstration to Cripple Jerusalem:  A planned massive demonstration by Orthodox Jews protesting the criminalization of refusing IDF service will shut-down Jerusalem next week.  The demonstration also has a possibility of becoming violent, as the tension is quite high between the Orthodox and the government, who is strongly pushing for required enlistment of haredi (observant) Jews.  Until now, such observant Jews could get exemption from serving in the IDF.  Please pray that this demonstration will be peaceful and that no one will be injured.  Please also pray for a breakthrough in this situation, that everyone who benefits from life in Israel will be required to serve, whether in the IDF or National Service. 

Thank you for praying!

The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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