“Jerusalem, which is built as a city that is connected together.” Psalm 122:3

As I wrote in the introduction to this series of entries on Psalm 122, I believe that this specific psalm is prophetic.  When King David wrote this psalm, Jerusalem was most likely built as one city, the Holy City, in which the walls were connected together with its homes and dwelling places.  In fact, some commentaries refer to this verse as confirmation of a place in which homes were connected to one other, which is something that anyone who walks in the “old” city today will still see.

Yet, I believe that there is a deeper meaning to this other than David’s mere observation about the physical structure of Jerusalem; it refers to one of Jerusalem’s main roles, which is to connect people to each other.  When one looks at Jerusalem today, one can see a place that has survived the rule of so many various empires throughout the centuries…and many wars and conquests.  Even today, many religions are represented within it, and over it is great division, not unity. In fact, even amongst the Jewish people, there is a great division over Jerusalem, with the different sects of Judaism fighting over the right to pray at the Western Wall, and how to pray in the “right” way.

The enemy is very hard at work to divide Jerusalem, which will one day be the City of Peace, the city from where the Prince of Peace will rule.  The enemy’s battle over Jerusalem is intense and intentional; the powers of darkness are working overtime to make Jerusalem a place of division and war. But let us not lose sight of this city’s heavenly calling, nor be discouraged by the darkness we see in it today.

I have a non-believing Israeli friend, who tells me at times that we should just get rid of Jerusalem, as it is the cause of all our problems. He believes that we should keep the rest of the Land, but let go of Jerusalem. While it saddens me, this example confirms the temporary victory the enemy has over squelching Jerusalem’s call to bring people together in unity.

“The LORD builds up Jerusalem; He gathers the outcasts of Israel.” Psalm 147:2

Will you take the time this week to pray with me for Jerusalem, and ask God to bring it into its destiny where people will come together in unity to worship the one and only true God within its walls?

Shabbat Shalom,


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7 Comments on ““Jerusalem, which is built as a city that is connected together.” Psalm 122:3”

  1. Dear Beloved Brother,
    Our hearts are one ….Yes we will cry out with you over Ha Shems blessed city….the spirit and the Bride say come… Revelation22:17-20 and we will stand arm in arm for G-ds blessings to over take ever curse in Yeshuas name amen… We are praying scriptures day & night until His Praise & Glory and Salvation Is known…Psalm 149 & 150, Psalm 122,Psalm 147:2Psalms 137: 5 & 6, Psalms 121, Isaiah 52: 8-10 ,Isaiah 62 :6-27, Isaiah42 :3 & 4, Isaiah 54: 5 & 6, Isaiah 30: 18 -19, Isaiah28:5-26, and Matthew 6 blessings my brother our hearts cry out with your heart this hour in Yeshua name Amen

  2. Very insightful! My heart breaks when I hear anyone say Jerusalem is the problem. We are standing with you and all of Israel. God bless you!

  3. The situation in Israel does seem hopeless in the world’s eyes, yet this hopelessness and darkness will reveal His Glory in Splendor when He acts! May all Israel be blessed with the knowledge of Messiah Yeshua and His Kingdom. Keeping Israel and Yerushalyim in prayer.

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