Israeli Police Chief Called “Hitler”

Anti-Semitic graffiti calling new Israeli police chief “Hitler” was found in an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in Jerusalem. The incident comes amid growing unrest over enforcement of lockdown restrictions, which resulted in protests and riots in mostly Orthodox cities and neighborhoods in Israel. Unfair application of lockdown rules within the Orthodox community has angered many Israelis. The majority of religious schools have illegally remained opened despite the lockdown regulations. The Orthodox community has the highest infection rate, and morbidly ill patients, of the entire Israeli population. Yet, the government has been very lax in enforcing the lockdown rules in these communities. Please pray for wisdom and courage for Israel’s governing body to fairly apply the law to all citizens of Israel. Please also pray that all Israelis will take the threat of the virus seriously, especially as Israel’s hospitals are nearing a breaking point. Lastly, please continue to pray that Israel’s vaccination campaign will continue to be effective in the coming months.

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