Israel Braces for Renewed Violence

Israel is on high alert. The controversial right-wing Flag March in the Old City of Jerusalem is taking place today at 6pm Israel time. Palestinian leaders as well as Hamas have warned of violence if the march takes place. This is the rescheduled date of the Flag March that was interrupted on May 10th when Hamas attacked Jerusalem with rockets. Israel’s Chief of Staff, Aviv Kokhavi, said “We are preparing for the renewed fighting…Israel’s response to rocket fire will be more severe than before.” Palestinian protests in East Jerusalem, the Judea & Samaria region, and Gaza are also scheduled to coincide with the march. U.N. Middle East envoy Tor Wennesland said on Twitter, “Tensions (are) rising again in Jerusalem at a very fragile & sensitive security & political time, when UN & Egypt are actively engaged in solidifying the ceasefire.” Please pray for protection for Israel from our enemies! Please pray that the plans of the enemy will be frustrated, and that any planned attack will not take place. Lastly, please pray for Israeli & Gaza citizens who are tired of the constant threat of war, and for children who pay the heaviest price of war.

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