Israel Begins Vaccinating 5-11 year-olds Against COVID

Today, Israel begins vaccinating 5-11 year-olds against the COVID-19 virus. It is the second country in the world to do so, following the United States. In the USA, over 2 million youngsters in this age group have been vaccinated. While only 2.3% of Israeli parents made appointments for their children to get the shot, Israeli health officials are confident that more parents will do so once they see the vaccine’s safety and efficacy. Officials are also hopeful that vaccinating young children will help the country to reach herd immunity, especially as renewed waves of the virus are happening in European countries. Please continue to pray for wisdom for Israeli officials in our fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Please also pray for wisdom for parents as they make decisions about vaccinating their children. Lastly, please pray that Israel will continue to emerge from the grip of the virus.

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