Egypt, Israel and Gaza

Please pray for efforts to address the situation along the border with Gaza. Most recently, an Egyptian delegation entered Israel this evening to discuss a truce between Israel and Hamas that seeks to meet Hamas’s demands made four months ago at a meeting mediated by Egypt, the United Nations and Qatar. According to the agreement, Israel must implement the ceasefire in three stages. The first and most immediate one, is quiet for quiet. The second is the expansion of the fishing area and the entry of various goods into the Gaza Strip. The third stage is to transfer 150 megawatts of electricity to the Gaza Strip, as well as to create projects to provide jobs for the unemployed and open negotiations over maritime passage. These things really only serve as a temporary means of appeasing a terrorist organization, so please pray that the real problem will be dealt with soon, but that in the mean time, residents in southern Israel will enjoy some peace and quiet for a change.

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