Dissolution of Knesset

Israeli Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett and Foreign Minister, Yair Lapid, announced they are seeking to dissolve the current government (Knesset). This announcement sent shockwaves through the country. This means Israelis will be heading to the polls once again in late October/early November. This will be Israel’s 5th elections in three years. Bennett’s government was sworn in in June 2021, and was Israel’s most diverse coalition to date. The historic government was comprised of Arab parties, which had never been represented outside of the Opposition. Bennett’s government faced numerous challenges, but it was the only successful one to unseat then-Prime Minister Netanyahu who was in office for 12 consecutive years. Please pray for Israel as we enter into yet another round of elections. Please also pray that politicians will put the country ahead of their own interests, especially during a time when Israel faces serious security threats. Lastly, please pray for a clear, decisive outcome of these next elections.

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