Clashes on the Temple Mount

For over two weeks now, riots, rocks, firebomb and Molotov rocket throwing have regularly brought major disruptions to the Temple Mount. Uprisings on the Temple Mount is not necessarily something new in recent months, however, Palestinian protestors are purposely trying to bring disruption and violence during the Fall Feasts. This atmosphere causes Israeli security forces to get heavily involved in order to bring rioters under control and it also prevents visitors from entering this site that is sacred to people of Muslim, Jewish and Christian faiths. Please pray for this situation on the Temple Mount. It is causing more rifts between Israel and the Jordanian and Palestinian officials. The Temple Mount remains to be one of the most sensitive issues surrounding the conflict. Please cover the Israeli security guards in your prayers as they daily are put in danger trying to maintain order. Pray for wisdom for government leaders both on the Israeli and Jordanian sides, as technically the Temple Mount remains under Jordanian jurisdiction.

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