Criminal Violence

Please pray for the peace of Israel, especially for prevention of murder and attempted murder. Yesterday, there was a shooting with suspected criminal motives in Tel Aviv that claimed the lives of two of the victims and later last night, a driver sped up in his car and hit a police officer who had motioned for him to pull over. The officer survived the attack, but had to go to the emergency room … [Read more...]

The Bedouin of Israel

Please pray for the Bedouin peoples of Israel and their relations with the government as they continue to be Israel's weakest socio-economic group, with the lowest percentage of high-school graduates and academics and the lowest income, as well as among the highest rates of involvement in crime. … [Read more...]

Gas and Greeks

Please pray for the effective preparations for provision of gas to Israel's domestic market by 2020. A Greek company known as Energean received approval from the Israel Petroleum Council in December, and has already purchased the two gas reservoirs from the Delek Group. … [Read more...]

Accidents and Attacks

Today has seen a number of both accidents and attacks in Israel. Some attacks involved stone throwing and a car attack. It was announced today that President Rivlin will be admitted to the hospital to get a pace maker. And 6 people got trapped in an elevator that collapsed. Please pray for safety, comfort and recovery for those affected. … [Read more...]

Safety for Soldiers

There were multiple attacks against IDF soldiers today. Please pray for their continued protection and wisdom during their time in uniform. … [Read more...]

The European Union and Israel’s Economy

Please pray for continued favor as the EU meeting in Brussels today (that could've led to economic measures against Israel) ended without the adoption of either UN Security Council resolution 2334 or the declaration that emerged from the Paris conference on Sunday. Pray that anti-Israel resolutions will not only have no power over Israel's economy but that God will bless Israel in spite of all … [Read more...]

Shots Fired from Gaza

Shots were fired at the IDF from Gaza today. Please pray for safety and peace along the border. … [Read more...]

Paris Conference

Please pray for divine intervention in the conference in Paris today (set for 2:30 PM in France) as it is expected to set parameters for a two-state solution that will further complicate the peace process. The recent UNSC resolution 2334 along with the speech by Kerry in December and the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative will serve as the basis for a demand that Israel withdraw to the 1967 lines (an … [Read more...]

Anti-Israel Conference in Paris

Please pray for God's intervention in the anti-Israel conference taking place in Paris tomorrow.  In this conference, the international community will seek to make one last ditch effort to move forward with anti-Israel legislation before the presidential change in the US puts a stop to further anti-Israel legislation. The conference tomorrow seeks to enact legislation that would cripple Israel … [Read more...]

More Rain

Please pray that we will continue to be blessed with abundant rainfall this winter. December was already the rainiest December in Israel since 1992. Rain is expected in northern Israel this weekend. Join us in praying for continued renewal of Israel's water sources as God blesses us with rain and snow this winter season. … [Read more...]