Israeli Sovereignty over Jerusalem

Please pray for God's intervention in the UN as Arab states have drafted a text for a May 1st vote that, for the first time ever, asks the UNESCO board to reject Israeli sovereignty over all of Jerusalem rather than just rejecting sovereignty over East Jerusalem. Such a vote, if successful would mark an unprecedented effort in UNESCO to push further anti-Israel legislation. … [Read more...]

Slovakia in Israel

Please pray for continued development of Israel's relations with and education of other world leaders concerning this nation and those living within its borders. The first Slovakian president to visit Israel made his first visit this week and expressed that he saw Israel as "inspirational in many ways” and emphasized that there is great potential for cooperation on many levels between the two … [Read more...]

Protecting Natural Gas Supplies

Please pray for the protection of Israel's natural gas supplies. The threat of Hezbollah rockets targeting offshore natural gas platforms has prompted the Israeli Navy to add an extra Iron Dome launcher to Sa'ar 6 missile ships that are currently being manufactured for Israel in Germany. … [Read more...]

Britain and BDS

The U.K. has now warned the UN that they will not be supporting the continued anti-Israel bias in the UN. Please pray for the U.K. to stand increasingly with Israel against the anti-Israel leanings of the UN. … [Read more...]

US House and Senate Legislate Against BDS

Thank you for your prayers concerning the boycott against Israel. The US is stepping up to the plate with some serious legislation to combat BDS. Please continue to pray for effectiveness of efforts to end the BDS siege against Israel. … [Read more...]

Combatting BDS

Please pray for efforts to defund BDS activists. Israel has been on the defensive for some time against the  anti-Semitic efforts of BDS but now government leaders are innovating new ways to discourage this form of anti-Semitism. … [Read more...]

Bomb Threats

At least one suspect connected to a number of this year's bomb threats against Jewish organizations is currently in custody. Please pray that the truth will be made known and that the people involved in these organizations will feel safe to return to life as it was before the recent waves of threats began. … [Read more...]

Corruption in the Parliament

Please joining us in praying for the uncovering of corruption in the parliament, that the truth will be brought to light and that voices for the truth will be heard in Israeli politics. … [Read more...]

Israel & the EU & UN

Israeli Defense Minister recently pointed to threats of damaging trends in the EU this next year. Please join us in praying for God's blessing over this land and people and for policies to be put in place this next year that will truly be a move towards peace in this region. … [Read more...]

UNHRC Agenda Item 7

Please pray for God to bring the UNHRC back to its original purpose and away from its anti-Israel tendencies. Out of 12 resolutions being voted on this week, 5 targeting Israel are likely to be adopted by the end of the week. The UNHRC is infamously biased against Israel, with nearly half of its resolutions focused solely on Israel while it ignores war, strife and atrocities committed around the … [Read more...]