Israeli Doctors Go On Strike

Doctors in Israel begin a 24-hour countrywide strike today, and will decide whether or not to continue the strike on Monday.  This will cripple the Israeli health system if the doctors continue this strike.  Please pray for a quick resolution to this strike, and specifically that emergency medicine will not suffer in Israel.  Please pray that the doctors and representatives of the Finance and … [Read more...]

Take Off the Mask of Pride

I devoted my previous blog entry (Take Off the Mask of Religion) to one of the most fake and divisive issues in the Body of Messiah – the mask of religion. Religion will divide us, but faith will unite us! I quoted Yeshua’s condemnation over the scribes and Pharisees when He said: ““Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you clean the outside of the cup and of the dish, but … [Read more...]

Israeli Athletes Compete in 2016 Olympic Summer Games

Israel has sent 47 athletes to compete in the summer Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro!  While Israeli athletes face intense discrimination and prejudice at these games, we are hopeful that they will represent Israel with pride and honor.  Please pray first and foremost for the Lord’s protection over the athletes and all the Israelis who will be present at the games.  Please also pray that they will … [Read more...]

PA Pursuing More Criminal Court Charges Against Israel

The Palestinian Authority (PA) continues to slander Israel on the international scene by actively pursuing lawsuits against it at the International Criminal Court (ICC).  The PA is very skilled at fighting a media war against Israel, by spreading propaganda and lies through various venues, and by gaining the world’s sympathy towards itself.  This is very damaging for Israel, and Israel is not … [Read more...]

Take Off the Mask of Religion

As we continue our blog series of Take Off Your Mask , I am planning in the weeks ahead to address areas I believe the Lord wants us to remove the “mask” and be real with Him and with others. One of the most fake and, ultimately, the most divisive is the mask of religion. Religion will divide us, but faith will unite us! When Yeshua was on earth, He spoke about the falseness of the outward … [Read more...]

Prayer Letter – August 2016

  Dear Prayer Partners, Shalom and Greetings from Jerusalem! We are entering the final month of summer, which tends to be a challenging one for parents in Israel, as the summer camps are finished and child care options for working parents are slim to non-existent. Most parents are able to take the last two weeks of August as vacation, but for those who cannot, they must rely on family … [Read more...]

Report Submitted to Netanyahu on Racism Against Ethiopian Jews

The Justice Ministry submitted a report to PM Netanyahu outlining necessary immediate steps to eliminate racism against Israel’s Ethiopian Jewish community. The steps include more integration into public kindergartens and schools, as well as curbing the removal of children from their homes within the community.  Ethiopian Jews tend to experience prejudice from other Jewish groups within Israel, … [Read more...]

Take Off Your Mask

As you may know, I am in the midst of a very busy speaking trip in the USA, where I have the great privilege to share in various congregations throughout the U.S. Before I left on this trip, I asked the Lord to give me a word for my brothers and sisters in the U.S.; the word was, “Take off your mask.” Before I go any further, it is important for me to make a couple of things clear: I … [Read more...]


The U.S. State Department slammed Israel’s plans to construct new housing units in disputed territory, calling the move “corrosive” to the so-called peace process.  In addition, the statement slammed Israel for the demolition of Palestinian terrorists’ homes, which have left families homeless, according to the Palestinian Authority.  Please pray that Israel will articulately and firmly fight this … [Read more...]

Al Qaida Terrorists Call for Lone Wolf Attacks on Israelis Athletes

An Al Qaids social media post calls for 'lone wolf’ terror attacks against Israeli athletes in the upcoming summer Olympic games in Brazil.  They also called for attacks on Americans, French, & British delegates.  Please pray for supernatural protection over Israel’s athletes, coaches, and all who will participate in the Olympics. Please also pray for protection over the entire Olympic games, … [Read more...]