Arm the Terrorist Campaign

Please pray for God to confuse the plans of the enemy. The Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah has launched a widespread campaign in recent days calling on member of the public to help finance its combatants and military activities. Under the slogan of "Money for Jihad is a Must", that was hashtagged and publicized on social media, Hezbollah is leading a campaign that has been dubbed "The … [Read more...]

Parashat Beshalach (When He Sent)

Shemot (Exodus) 13:17-17:16 In our Scripture portion this week, Pharaoh releases the Children of Israel from slavery in Egypt. It is a very dramatic exodus, and we witness the mighty hand of the Lord working on behalf of His people. When it comes to the Word of God, I love the way the Hebrew language reveals that which is to come. Sometimes, important details can get lost in translation, so … [Read more...]

Mortar Shell in Golan Heights

A mortar shell landed in between two Israel kibbutzim in the Golan heights this evening. It seems that the mortar shell is from forces fighting each other in Syria but please pray for peace and protection along the borders of Israel. … [Read more...]

Thank You Letter – February 2017

  Shalom and blessings from Jerusalem! Just a few weeks ago, we teamed up with the youth from NerYah to prepare personalized care packages for those believing soldiers who are part of stage 2 of our discipleship vision. In my time working with the soldiers so far, and from my own experience in the military, military service is an especially challenging time that raises major questions … [Read more...]

Treating One Another as Family – היחס הראוי לשונה ולחלש בקהילה

היחס הראוי לשונה ולחלש בקהילה הראשונה לטימותאוס ה':1-10         בפרק ג' בפסוק 15 של האיגרת שאול כותב אל טימותאוס שבמידה והוא יתעכב להגיע אליו אלה הן ההנחיות שהוא מבקש ממנו להנחיל בכל הנוגע להתנהגות הראויה בקהילה. המטרה של כל ההנחיות האלו היא בסופו של דבר לעזור לקהילה כולה לגדול ולממש את הקריאה שלה.באיגרת אל האפסים ד' פסוקים 1-16 שאול מצביע על המשמעות של קהילה כשהוא מדגיש את העובדה שקהילה משקפת … [Read more...]

Legalizing Settlements

A historic bill has passed legalizing the existence of 4,000 homes existing in the disputed territories. Please pray for wisdom as policy makers continue to handle the legal controversy surrounding the settlements. … [Read more...]

Gazan Rockets

Please pray for safety along Israel's border with Gaza. A rocket was fired this morning and landed in a desolate place in southern Israel. Recent reports indicate that Hamas has attained a level of fire power comparable to what they had during the 2014 war. Please pray for peace and wisdom as Israel continues to respond to all threats of attack from Gaza. … [Read more...]

Demolition Orders

The government has announced and carried out some hotly debated demolition orders in recent weeks. Please pray for peace and wisdom in this process. … [Read more...]

Trump–Netanyahu Meeting

Please pray for effective preparation in the upcoming week and a half by all involved in the meeting scheduled to take place between US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on February 15. … [Read more...]

Police Injured in Amona Evacuation

Please pray as police seek to evacuate a synagogue in Amona. Four police have been injured so far in the process of the evacuation. … [Read more...]