5 Attacks in 24 Hours

Please pray with us as 5 attacks have taken place in Israel within the last 24 hours, marking a sudden outbreak of attacks that hasn't been seen for months. One soldier has been lightly wounded, and three 15 year-old boys were lightly injured in one of the conflicts. Please pray no more civilians will be hurt by this senseless violence and that Israel's security forces will continue to be … [Read more...]

Threat of Attack

There has been an increase of terrorist organizations and projectile threats from Syria along Israel's northern border. Please pray for safety and wisdom as Israel responds to these threats. … [Read more...]

Attempted Attack

An attempted attack just outside of Jerusalem's northwestern gate (Damascus Gate) was stopped just an hour ago please pray for all affected. None were injured by the attacker. … [Read more...]

Take Off Your Mask of Perfection!

We have an expectation that life should be perfect. And if it’s not, then we need to somehow pretend that everything’s ok. I knew someone who, when asked how he was, would reply, “Absolutely wonderful.” Yet, the more I got to know him, I understood that things were clearly not wonderful in this man’s life. But his response was always the same when he was asked how he was. It always sat heavily … [Read more...]

Shimon Peres

Shimon Peres, former President of Israel suffered a stroke yesterday. His condition is stable now and physicians have hope that he will be able to recover  but he and his family could especially use some prayer during these coming days. Please pray for his full recovery and a miracle from God that will be a witness to all of Israel. … [Read more...]

Peace in the North

Yet another mortar has hit Israel and 3 more shells were located in the past 24 hours in Israel's Golan Heights. In addition the Syrian forces sought to shoot down Israeli aircraft. There have so far been no casualties but the IDF is conducting evacuation drills in the north in the case that the situation worsens. Please pray for protection of Israel's northern border. … [Read more...]

Water Supplies

The Sea of Galilee, known in Israel as the Kinneret, is a critical source of water for Israel. Please pray God will protect this water source as it reaches its lowest point since 2012. After 3 years of decreased rainfall, the lake is well below its lower red line, a condition that can lead to irreversible damage not only to the lake but also to the aquifers in Israel which are currently also being … [Read more...]

Removal of Inciting Posts

According to Shaked (Israel's Minister of Justice), Facebook removed 95 percent of 158 inciting posts, and YouTube, owned by Google, removed 80% of 13 videos, at the government’s request. Please pray that God will continue to give Israel favor in the battle against terrorism incited against Israel in social media posts. … [Read more...]

Protection from Accidents

Last week a parking garage in Tel Aviv collapsed leaving 6 dead and 24 injured. Just last night a fatal accident happened in northern Israel killing 4. Please pray with us for protection from accidents in Israel and that the comforter will bring peace to the families affected by these tragedies. Pray that God will guide engineers and policy makers in Israel to guard against preventable fatalities … [Read more...]

Division Between Hamas & Fatah

Pray that God will reveal His Will and His plans for Israel to those living in Gaza and the Samaria region. Once again, attempts at democracy in those regions are failing. This week elections were cancelled in those areas. It seems the elections would've left Fatah in control of Gaza and Hamas in control of the Samaria region. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Pray God will restore the … [Read more...]