Oil Spill in Haifa Bay

A ship owned by Petroleum and Energy Infrastructures Ltd (PEI) struck an old underwater oil pipe in the Haifa bay when it was attempting to dismantle it.  Oil leaked into the Mediterranean Sea in the Haifa area as a result. While it is not a huge disaster, it did manage to cause some environmental damage and beaches in the area are closed.  Haifa is already an area noted for higher pollution and a … [Read more...]

Terror Continues in Israel

As Ramadan came to a close, terror once again came to Israeli towns. In one incident, a terrorist stabbed two people in a market in Netanya, a coastal town of Israel. In another tragic attack, Arabs opened fire on an Israeli family driving, spraying the car with at least 20 bullets, causing a deadly car accident. The father was killed, the mother is in critical condition, and the two children who … [Read more...]

Prayer Letter – July 2016

  Dear Prayer Partners, Shalom and Greetings from Jerusalem! We have been experiencing a very hot month in all of Israel. It has been quite uncomfortable, but it’s a sure sign that summer has arrived! School is out and summer camps are in full swing. Families will begin traveling to all parts of the world, as Israelis love to travel! Israel will also welcome many visitors during the … [Read more...]

13-year old girl stabbed in her bed by terrorist

An arab man broke into a home in a Jewish settlement of Kiryat Arba and repeatedly stabbed a 13-year-old girl who was sleeping in her bed. One other person who came to her aid was also seriously wounded and the terrorist has been eliminated.  Please pray for the Lord’s peace to comfort the family of the murdered girl; please pray that they will know Yeshua’s peace deeply.  Please also pray for the … [Read more...]

Israel’s Rejection (Part 3)

As we saw in part 1 of this mini series on Israel’s Rejection…, it was through Israel’s rejection of Yeshua that salvation came to the Gentiles. As we learned in part 2 of the series, many Gentile believers in Yeshua have ignored Rav Shaul’s (Apostle Paul) warning, and instead of being grateful that they have been grafted in to the Olive Tree (Israel), they have become prideful. This pride has … [Read more...]

Israel Uncovers Three Terror Cells in Judea

Israeli intelligence led to the uncovering of three separate terror cells in the Judea region.  19 members of the cells - many of whom were under 18 - were arrested for planning attacks on Israelis.  There has been a huge wave of terror activity in the region, especially against an Israeli kibbutz in the area.  Please continue to pray for protection over Israel as we fight to survive every day.  … [Read more...]

Muslim Rioting on Temple Mount

The Temple Mount is the holiest site to Judaism as it is where the two temples were built, but it is also where the Muslims believe Mohammad ascended to Allah, so they have built a shrine and a mosque on the site.  While Israel has security rights to the Temple Mount, the Muslims have religious rights because of the mosque and the Dome of the Rock residing there.  Since Ramadan began, the visiting … [Read more...]

Netanyahu and Kerry Scheduled to Meet in Rome

Israeli PM Netanyahu and US Secretary of State John Kerry are scheduled to meet in Rome to discuss a variety of issues plaguing Israel.  Namely, Netanyahu seeks to discuss the coming report by the Quartet which is expected to be highly critical of Israeli policies in Judea & Samaria.  They will also discuss the possibility of reviving the stalled “peace” talks between Israel and the … [Read more...]

Israel & Turkey to Normalize Political Ties after 6 years

Finally, after the 2010 Mavi Marmara incident, Turkey is willing to normalize ties with Israel.  There has been a great deal of stress over the severing of relations between the two countries, and Turkey has been outrageously demanding of any Israeli attempts to normalize the relationship.  Now that both countries stand to profit from natural gas reserves discovered in the Mediterranean Sea, … [Read more...]

N Secretary General to Visit Israel

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is set to visit Israel and the Palestinian territories next week.  It is part of a Middle East tour for the purposes of presenting a new plan to make a Palestinian state a reality.  This push for peace once again makes Israel very vulnerable to terror attacks, especially from Hamas who has spent the past two years rearming.  Israel has rejected this new initiative … [Read more...]