Antisemitism in Jerusalem

Some of the most hateful messages against Jews have been preached in the very place where the temple once stood. Sheikh Abu Omar Sara was convicted yesterday because of a message he preached on November 28, 2015 calling for the slaughter of Jews. He will only spend 8 months in prison after preaching his hate-filled message in one of the world's most highly attended mosques. Please pray that God … [Read more...]

Changes within Hamas

Please pray for the peace of Israel as Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal expressed this weekend that while he plans to step down in the 2017 elections, he is doing so to make room for young leaders to take his place. He asserted that Hamas will continue to denounce the state of Israel, will not respect past signed agreements and will not renounce violence (aspects that comprise part of what is known as … [Read more...]

Israeli UN relations

On Thursday, September 22, Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, spoke boldly at the UN General Assembly of a future in which the UN would no longer undermine Israel but would come to understand the needs of this nation. Please pray God will impart this vision also in the hearts of the leaders in the UN and those participating in the decisions to be made in the months and years ahead. … [Read more...]

The Lᴏʀᴅ’s Appointed Times:
A Prophetic Timeline of Messiah and His Kingdom

By M. Rosen   Almighty God gave the Children of Israel specific appointed times, or feasts, to commemorate after their exodus from Egypt. Shrouded in mystery and awe, they often evoke a sense of wonder in the heart of the Jewish person, as they are in essence the lifeline of the Jew to his or her tradition. Yet, these appointed times are actually about more than maintaining tradition. … [Read more...]

Israeli Embassy

Please pray with us. A terrorist attack was attempted (and failed) at the Israeli embassy today in Turkey. … [Read more...]

Take Off Your Mask of Perfection! (Part 2)

I want to start by thanking all of you who have left comments or sent emails in response to my blog series about “Taking Off the Masks”. I am always encouraged to receive your feedback, both positive and constructive, as I believe this form of dialogue is an effective way for us to grow and enrich our faith. My dear brothers and sisters, every week as I pray about what to write, I ask the Lord … [Read more...]

Rest from Violence

Today marks the 5th consecutive day in which an attack has been attempted in Israel. Please continue praying with us that the violence will end and that peacemakers will rise up in the communities of the attackers to denounce the violence and to call for peaceful solutions to tension. This recent outbreak comes on the heels of failed attempts at having democratic elections in the Samaria area. … [Read more...]

Ending of Attacks

Please continue to pray with us for the ending of this outbreak of attacks. Just minutes ago yet another attack was attempted in Hebron resulting in the death of the attacker. Pray that lives will cease to be lost to this senseless aggression. Pray that God will guide Israeli security forces both to stop attacks and to gain the trust of the people so they can do their job without unnecessary … [Read more...]

An End to the Violence

Please pray there will be a sudden end to the outbreak of violence from this last weekend. There've been 7 attacks in the past 3 days. Two were seriously injured only moments ago at Jerusalem's Herod's Gate. Please pray for their full recovery and for those affected by the attack. … [Read more...]

House Fire

A building caught on fire in Jerusalem in the recent hours. The cause is still unclear. 16 people were injured in the fire and some evacuated to the hospital for treatment. Please pray that God will heal the bodies of the injured and restore what was lost in the fire. … [Read more...]