Al Qaida Terrorists Call for Lone Wolf Attacks on Israelis Athletes

An Al Qaids social media post calls for 'lone wolf’ terror attacks against Israeli athletes in the upcoming summer Olympic games in Brazil.  They also called for attacks on Americans, French, & British delegates.  Please pray for supernatural protection over Israel’s athletes, coaches, and all who will participate in the Olympics. Please also pray for protection over the entire Olympic games, … [Read more...]

In Which God Do You Believe?

There is an issue that is heavy on my heart. Before I get into it, it’s important that you understand that my purpose here is not to judge, but to raise a serious concern that I have for many who are being led astray by deception and a misunderstanding of God’s plan. When traveling in the USA a few years ago, I gave a word that I believe the next divide within the Church will be over the issue … [Read more...]

Terror Attack Thwarted in Jerusalem

A young Arab man carrying a large explosive in his backpack was arrested in downtown Jerusalem Sunday morning.  He was planning to board the light rail train in Jerusalem and detonate the device once onboard.  Alert security guards recognized the suspicious activity of the man and stopped him before he could board the train or detonate the device.  Please pray that God will continue to protect … [Read more...]

Netanyahu Sends Abbas YouTube Video

Prime Minister Netanyahu posted a message for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, calling for him to return to the table for peace negotiations, as well as calling him out for supporting terror amongst the Arab population.  At the time of this writing, there has not been an official response by the PA.  Please pray that Israeli leaders will seek the Lord’s wisdom for these delicate and … [Read more...]

Israeli Aid Workers Trapped in South Sudan

Civil war has broken out between those loyal to the President of South Sudan and supporters of the Vice President.  Since the country is only six years old, aid workers from all countries, including Israel, have been working there to help establish infrastructure.  Due to the current violent conflict, the airport is closed and aid workers are trapped in the unstable region.  Israeli aid workers … [Read more...]

Thank You Letter – July 2016

  Shalom and greetings from Jerusalem! We have entered the summer break for our youth group NerYah and the students are already enjoying the beginning of their two months off from school. We had our last meeting at NerYah at the end of June and are excited to share with you a few testimonies from members of the group about what NerYah has meant for them this past year: “It was my first … [Read more...]

Israel’s Rejection: Conclusion

In this short blog entry, I would like to conclude the series of blogs on Israel’s rejection. It is clear that anyone who rejects Israel today because of a false belief that Israel is responsible for the death of our Messiah, Yeshua, is in essence believing the lie of the enemy. We are all responsible for His death, Jew and Gentile alike; our inequities put Yeshua on the tree to die the … [Read more...]

UNESCO to vote on Jewish Connection to Temple Mount

The World Heritage Committee of UNESCO will vote on a draft decision that will undermine Israel’s religious and historical connection to the Temple Mount.  The most troubling items in this draft are that UNESCO is accusing Israel of causing damage to holy Islamic sites, as well as suggesting that control over the Temple Mount go back to pre-1967 conditions (Israel won control over the site in the … [Read more...]

Summer in Israel

As the summer vacation is now in full swing within Israel, please pray for the many Israeli children and youth who are participating in summer camps, and for the Israelis who will be traveling abroad.  Please also pray for protection from terror attacks, especially from Hamas who tend to ramp up attacks in the summer.  Lastly, please pray for peaceful and restful times for Israeli families during … [Read more...]

Israel’s Rejection (Part 4)

One of the main reasons many people blame the Jewish people for the death of Yeshua is that they simply don’t know His word. The Bible is one complete book, comprised of scriptures inspired by the Holy Spirit, from Genesis to Revelation. Nowadays there are many well-meaning organizations that hand out only part of God’s word called the New Covenant (or Testament). I believe that while those … [Read more...]