Pray against the BDS movement

In a recent survey, about one quarter (24%) of Americans and a third (33%) of British respondents said they would support actions that lead to boycotting Israel. Please pray that the eyes of those supporting the BDS movement will be opened, pray that their attempts at harming the Jewish state will come to naught. May those who bless Israel be blessed (Gen. 12:3, Num. 24:9b) … [Read more...]

Israeli Government Ministries

Lately, there has been some changes within the Israeli government.  Please pray for wisdom for Netanyahu and the cabinet in making decisions.   For unity within the coalition. May they continue to pursue every avenue for peace, walk in righteousness and justice, while ensuring the safety and security of Israeli citizens. May the government rest on the Messiah's shoulders: Isaiah 9:6-7. … [Read more...]

Prayer for New Immigrants to Israel

As anti-Semitism is growing abroad, more Jewish immigrants are making their way to their homeland - Israel.  Last year, 27,908 immigrants moved to Israel with the majority of them from the US.  Please pray for good integration into the Israeli society, for a quick grasp of the Hebrew language, and for good employment and housing for those immigrating to Israel. … [Read more...]

Pray against Rockets and extra-judicial killings in Gaza

Gaza militants have fired off nine rockets towards Israel so far in 2016, mostly landing in open areas without injuries. The IDF responded to some of the attacks with pinpoint reprisals against Hamas installations that cause no casualties in order to prevent a further escalation. A report presented to the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday, however, sharply criticized the Hamas terror … [Read more...]

Israel’s Disobedience (Part 2)

I devoted my most recent blog entry, Israel’s Disobedience, to the issue of Israel’s suffering. As I was praying about this week’s blog, I felt the burden to repeat this important part of last week’s blog: God’s grace and forgiveness does not make any of us exempt from suffering the consequences of our disobedience. When we willingly choose to ignore His warnings, and rebel against Him, we will … [Read more...]

Pride, humility and confidence in God-גאווה, ענווה וביטחון באלוהים

גאווה, ענווה וביטחון באלוהים פטר"א ה':5-14 לאורך כל האיגרת, כיפא קורא למאמינים לחיים של כניעה במישורים שונים: כניעה לרשויות, כניעה של האישה לבעלה, כניעה של העבדים לאדונים וכניעה של הצעירים לזקנים. כניעה אפיינה את חייו של המשיח, שהכניע את רצונו וחייו כדי שאנחנו נוכל לרשת חיי עולם. המשיח, שהיה אלוהים בדמות אדם, נכנע לסמכות משפטם של בני אדם וגם אנו נקראים להיות ענווים ולא גאוותנים- רק כך נוכל … [Read more...]

Pray Against Incitement Leading up to Ramadan

At a funeral of one of the terrorists who rammed his car into innocent civilians and stabbed passersby last October, 200 East Jerusalem residents shouted incitement against Israel, calling out "Allahu Akbar" and "In blood and spirit we will avenge you, shahid." In response, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan instructed the police on Tuesday to stop the returning of terrorists' bodies to their … [Read more...]

Pray for families in Kibbutz Nahal Oz

Kibbutz Nahal Oz, the closest place in Israel to Gaza, is only 875 yards (800 meters) of open fields, with an iron fence in the middle, from the Gaza Strip. In Nahal Oz, once the air raid siren goes on, you have seven seconds to reach shelter. The “Iron Dome” system, which protects large parts of Israel from rockets and missiles, doesn’t cover the Gaza border region — the distance is too … [Read more...]

Prayer for the border with Lebanon

The Lebanese military has built several observation towers on the Lebanese side of the border between Israel and Lebanon in recent weeks. Israelis who live on the border with Lebanon are concerned that Hezbollah might take over these observation posts which can observe Israeli military bases, the border fence, the patrol road next to the border fence, civilian roads in Israel, and various towns … [Read more...]

Prayer for traumatized Israelis

Many IDF soldiers serve their country loyally, but are often affected by the trauma of their friends dying, being hurt, or just attending ceremonies and memorial days and realizing that the soldiers that got hurt or killed could have been them.  In addition to praying for all of those still recuperating from their injuries and PTSD, please also pray for all Israelis who have been affected by the … [Read more...]