Our Savior and our Example-מושיענו ומופת לנו

מושיענו ומופת לנו  הראשונה לפטרוס ב' 18-25 בפסוקים הקודמים כיפא קורא למאמינים לחיות את חייהם כעבדי אלוהים. בבחירתנו להקדיש את חיינו לאלוהים אנחנו משתחררים מן העבדות שלנו לעולם ולחטא ומכניעים את חיינו לחלוטין תחת אלוהים מתוך הידיעה שהוא הטוב והנכון עבורנו. עלינו להבין שלא קיים תחום אפור בעניין זה, כולנו עבדים בחיינו אך השאלה היא למי: לעולם או לאלוהים? בפסוק 18 כיפא פונה לעבדים וקורא להם להיכנע … [Read more...]

God’s servants-עבדי אלוהים

עבדי אלוהים הראשונה לפטרוס ב' 11-17 האגרת מדברת לא מעט על קדושה (א' 15, ב' 9), כשהכוונה היא היבדלות מן הסביבה במעשינו. הרעיון הזה חוזר על עצמו גם בקטע הבא: בפסוק 11 כיפא מדמה את המאמינים לזרים וגולים כדי להסביר את הרעיון של  להיות זרים מסביבתנו במעשינו ובקדושתנו והוא מבקש מהמאמינים להינזר מתאוות הבשר. מה הכוונה במילה להינזר? הכוונה היא להתנתק ולהתרחק מבחירה ובצורה אקטיבית מדבר מה, במקרה הזה מכל … [Read more...]

Palestinian Incitement

We pray against the work of the enemy in attempts to sway the hearts and minds of the Palestinian community, especially the youth who are more susceptible, into storing up in their hearts hatred, enmity and justification for doing harm to innocent people. Incitement against Jews and/or Israelis is nothing new and continues to spread across the globe at a rapid pace. We know that the Lord can use … [Read more...]

Prayer Letter – February 2016

Dear Prayer Partners, Shalom and greetings from Jerusalem! We praise God for you and your earnest desire to intercede with us for Israel, her people and the body of believers in the Land. It is a busy season for us at HFI as we are busy in the work that God has entrusted to us. However, we know and trust that we will see the fruit of the Lord through this entire pruning. Please pray with us for … [Read more...]

Experience Israel Tour 2016

Please continue to pray for this year's Experience Israel Tour (March 4-20, 2016). We praise God that already a majority of participants have signed up and we continue to pray for the building and unity of this group as they prepare logistically and spiritually throughout the coming months. We ask you to join us in praying for the remaining 4 participants that God wants to bring to Israel. We … [Read more...]

Israeli Tourists in Egypt Attacked

Today, an Israeli tour bus was fired at near the pyramids in Egypt. Two masked militants were the ones who carried out the attack, yet thankfully, no injuries were caused, only damage to the bus and the hotel next to it. One of the shooters was caught and arrested and another was able to escape. Security forces are on a search to find and arrest him. The Egyptian Interior Ministry said that … [Read more...]

Winter Sickness

The cold weather has brought with it the flu and a variety of viruses, some minor and some major. In the past couple of weeks, there have been a number of cases of people who caught the H1N1 virus and already a few deaths have been reported. Thousands of people are being treated for the flu – children, the elderly and pregnant women being the most susceptible. We just ask that you cover in prayer … [Read more...]

His Word – Part 2

During the past few blog entries, we were dealing with, in my opinion, one of the most important questions that anyone can ask himself, “Are you awake to the existence of God?” As I wrote in my most recent blog entry, His Word!: “…it was not just the astounding revelation of God’s existence that amazed me, but also the understanding that His Word is a living Word. I had always viewed God’s … [Read more...]

Prayer for Locating Tel Aviv Terrorist

Certain neighborhoods in Tel Aviv have been practically shut down by the police and security forces the past several days since the deadly attack on Friday. Authorities are desperately searching for evidence on the whereabouts of the suspect of the attack. They are going door to door in a central Tel Aviv neighborhood to make sure that the suspect didn't enter into a home and take a family or … [Read more...]

Three separate attacks on Sunday

Two separate shooting attacks occurred yesterday in and near Hebron lightly wounding two soldiers. One woman cadet was on a tour with the army at the Cave of Patriarchs and was shot from a distance. Another soldier was wounded in a shooting at a checkpoint when a Palestinian opened up fire. Security forces are still searching for the individuals who carried out these two attacks. In a separate … [Read more...]