Bahrain Summit — Moving Forward

A number of leaders in business in the Middle East and from around the world gathered in Bahrain for a conference yesterday and the day before to consider ways in which they could partner together to see the economic conditions change for numerous Palestinians who have thus far been robbed of their ability to prosper by the Hamas terrorist regime and the corrupt Palestinian Authority. Numerous Middle Eastern government officials also publicly acknowledged the right of Israel to exist and expressed regret that they had not sooner acknowledged this. Times are changing and so are views of Israel by her Arab neighboring states. Please pray for all who participated in the Bahrain Summit to succeed in finding economic solutions that work for the good of the people in this region without wasting any more energy or resources on quarreling over borders (as has been the case for the past 50 years. It’s okay to disagree on how borders should look but that doesn’t change the reality of how they are or how God has chosen for them to be.

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