US Supports UN Measure Condemning Israel

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) issued on Monday a unilateral statement, supported by the US, which condemns Israeli activity in Judea and Samaria, particularly the recent recognition of 9 new Jewish settlements in the … Read More

Knesset Vote Triggers Nationwide Protest

The Knesset will hold its first reading of one clause of the government’s controversial judicial reform bill Monday evening. The clause in question, which passed an initial committee vote last week, aims to change the … Read More

Thank You! — February 2023

Shalom from Jerusalem, HFI’s youth group, NerYah, recently hosted a worship night for Jerusalem’s believing youth in a prayer room in the Jerusalem city center. Two members of the Israeli worship initiative SOLU, who themselves … Read More

Jerusalem Faces Wave of Teenage Terror

Since November, over a dozen Israelis, including two little boys, have been killed in unprovoked terror attacks in the Jerusalem area, with many more wounded. Monday night, in two separate incidents, teenage Palestinian boys attacked … Read More

Barcelona Cuts Ties with Israel Over “Apartheid”

In a controversial move circumventing due democratic process, Barcelona mayor Ada Colau “temporarily” severed ties with Israel over “apartheid” and denial of Palestinian rights. Colau pushed through her anti-Israel legislation mere weeks before it was … Read More

Israel’s Democratic Troubles Part 3

by Hope for Israel Staff Writer I begin this third installment in the series “Israel’s Democratic Troubles” with a personal comment. I had planned to write an analysis of the power imbalances I see in … Read More

IDF Operation Olive Branch to Aid Turkey

In the early hours of Tuesday morning an Israeli search and rescue delegation, named Operation Olive Branch, landed in Turkey to aid in the continued search for the survivors of three severe earthquakes which have … Read More