National “Day of Equality”

Today, Thursday, the third “Day of Disruption” sweeps Israel in protest of the paused judicial reform bill, among other issues. The massive protests today are also being called a “day of equality” in an attempt … Read More

Israel and Hamas Reach Ceasefire Agreement

Overnight, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas collectively fired over 100 rockets towards Israel’s border communities from the Gaza Strip, wounding at least three people and causing extensive property damage. The rocket fire comes after PIJ … Read More

Knesset Reconvenes for Summer Session

Monday, May 1, Israel’s Knesset reconvenes for its summer session. Over the coming month, two high-stakes debates will be taking place: one in the Knesset chamber over the budget proposal, and one in President Herzog’s … Read More

Jerusalem Hosts Pro-Judicial Reform Protest

In response to 17 weeks of protests against the Israeli government’s drafted judicial reform bills, Israel’s right wing decided to organize a protest of their own in response. The purpose of the protest is give … Read More

Prayer Letter — May 2023

Dear Prayer Partners, Over the last month, Israel has experienced a wide range of joy and sorrow, including the celebration of Passover and of its 75th birthday, as well as observance of Holocaust Remembrance Day … Read More

Second Memorial Day Terror Attack

Tuesday, Memorial Day, a drive-by shooting wounded a man in his 20s near the town of Ofra. The victim was participating in a commemorative run, in honor of fallen soldiers, when a passing Palestinian driver … Read More

Israel Prepares for Memorial Day

Monday evening, a ceremony at the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City will mark the beginning of Yom ha’Zikaron, or Memorial Day, which honors both fallen soldiers and victims of terror. Since Israel is a … Read More

Tribute to Recent Victims of Terror

Tomorrow night, Israel will recognize the beginning of its Memorial Day, which is not only in memory of its fallen soldiers, but also of those murdered in acts of terrorism. Since Israel’s foundation, 3,198 Israelis … Read More