The Case for Jerusalem

By Sarah L., Staff Writer for Hope for Israel Jerusalem has been a hotspot of international controversy for thousands of years; in modern times, much of the controversial dialogue takes place surrounding the Israeli holiday … Read More

UN Hosts “Nakhba Day” Event

Monday afternoon the UN will sponsor an event for its member nations in honor of “Nakhba Day.” “Nakhba” means “disaster” in Arabic and refers to Israel’s Independence Day, when hundreds of thousands of Palestinian Arabs … Read More

Counting the Omer

By Sarah L. The Counting of the Omer, or Sfirat haOmer in Hebrew, is a 49-day period which begins on the second night of the festival of Passover, celebrated beginning on the 14th of Nissan, … Read More

Thank You! — May 2023

Shalom from Jerusalem, The second stage of our Three-Fold Vision is our outreach to believing IDF soldiers. These young people give 2+ years of their lives in service to their country, and we are privileged … Read More

Israel Prepares for Lag b’Omer

Monday, Israel is preparing to celebrate Lag b’Omer (the 33rd day of the Omer), a Jewish observance that began after the fall of the Second Temple. The observance largely centers around 2nd century Kabbalist and … Read More

National “Day of Equality”

Today, Thursday, the third “Day of Disruption” sweeps Israel in protest of the paused judicial reform bill, among other issues. The massive protests today are also being called a “day of equality” in an attempt … Read More

Israel and Hamas Reach Ceasefire Agreement

Overnight, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas collectively fired over 100 rockets towards Israel’s border communities from the Gaza Strip, wounding at least three people and causing extensive property damage. The rocket fire comes after PIJ … Read More