Thank You! — March 2023

Shalom from Jerusalem, On March 3rd Hope for Israel (HFI) held a bi-annual meeting for all the believing university students who are currently receiving scholarships from the ministry. This meeting has been a part of … Read More

Lebanese Terrorist Responsible for Bomb Attack

Last week, a mysterious explosive device blew up on the shoulder of one of Israel’s northern highways severely injuring a young man. While initial reports indicated that a terrorist might have planted the bomb, officials … Read More

Israelis Call on Germany to Cancel Netanyahu Visit

Tuesday, over 1,000 prominent Israeli authors and academics published a letter written to the British and German ambassadors to Israel, requesting the cancellation of Netanyahu’s planned visits to Britain and Germany. The appeal comes as … Read More

Muslim Religious Court Condemns Hamas

This week, a Muslim religious court issued a ruling, or Fatwa, that Hamas has broken Sharia (Muslim religious) law through their abuse of Gazan civilians. A representative explained that the court has seen the human … Read More

Arab Israeli Delegation Denied Saudi Visas

Sunday, Saudi Arabia denied entry visas to a delegation of Israeli Muslims set to represent their northern village at a UN sponsored event. The United Nations recently nominated the Israeli Muslim village of Kfar Kama … Read More

Protests Against Judicial Reform Intensify

Thursday, protesters against the judicial reform declared another “Day of Disruption” which this time centered around PM Netanyahu’s diplomatic visit to Italy with his wife, Sarah. Protesters blocked the entrances to Israel’s Ben Gurion International … Read More

The Dangers of Political Hyperbole

Israel has always been a magnet for hyperbolic accusations of Apartheid, fascism and dictatorship (among others). Recently, these themes have become a part of daily discourse in Israel, polarizing society and distorting truth. This article … Read More

New Terror Group Appears in Northern Samaria

A new terror organization, called the Tulkarm Battalion “Rapid Responders” has emerged in the North Samaria city of Tulkarm, following a massive IDF op which resulted in the death of 11 Palestinian gunmen. The Palestinian … Read More