Day 146 – Terrorists Do Not Want Peace

In a speech televised this week from Qatar, Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas’ leader in exile, called on Muslims in Judea and Samaria to treat Ramadan as a “month of Jihad” by “marching” on the Temple Mount. … Read More

Pray with Us! – March 2024

Shalom from Jerusalem, It has now been nearly five months since Hamas’ brutal surprise attack on Israel in which the lives of around 1,200 innocent people, most of them civilians, were tragically cut short in … Read More

Day 142 – Israeli Delegation to Visit Qatar

An Israeli delegation is currently waiting for the go-ahead to visit the Arab state for mediated negotiations with Hamas on the framework of a possible deal to release hostages. Following negotiations between Israel and mediator … Read More

Operation Swords of Iron – Week 21

By HFI Staff Writers Emboldened Islamic terror groups and factions are the direct product of not standing for truth and peace in the Middle East – in the sense of what is required to establish … Read More

Day 139 – Deadly Terror Attack Outside Jerusalem

Matan Elmeliach z”l, a 26-year-old resident of Ma’ale Adummim was murdered in a shooting terror attack this morning between Jerusalem and Ma’ale Adummim. Six other people were injured to varying degrees, including a pregnant woman. … Read More

Day 136 – Second Hague Lawsuit Against Israel

Today, a discussion was opened at the International Criminal Court on the legality of Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria, the area which is widely recognized as the territorial basis for a future Palestinian State. … Read More