A call to stand.

Last year I was invited to speak in Poland, the birthplace of my mother’s family. My grandparents immigrated to Israel before WWII, but much of their family did not have a chance to; they were … Read More

Rosh HaShanah

In a few days we will see the old year 5768 pass and the New Year of 5769 begin. But wait a minute I thought that the New Year in Judaism began in the spring … Read More

Remembering Israel’s Fallen

Today at 20:00PM the sound of a Siren was heard throughout Israel for one minute. For one minute everything stopped and the people of Israel stood one minute in the memory of its children who … Read More

Hear My Heart

Hear My Heart. In one of the most famous teachings of our Messiah, the “sermon on the mount”, He stops in the middle of charging His followers with the different instructions of life and changes … Read More

Preparation for Passover

As Passover approaches one of the things that we are doing in our home is cleaning it from all of the Chametz (leavened) things. Cleaning the Chametz is to commemorate the fact the Jewish people … Read More

What will happen next?

Now that the war between Israel and Hezbollah is over, and we see that not much was accomplished, many are wondering, “What will happen next?” In many respects, the future in Israel looks ominous; Hezbollah … Read More

Story of Hope

A Story of Hope. “We are in this together!,” “C” told me today. “C” is from Lebanon; we met a few years ago through a mutual friend. Both of us arrived to the USA around … Read More

Current events 2

Current events 2. As I am writing this Blog my heart is very heavy over the situation in Israel. Once again we see the Children of Israel in the midst of war, once again we … Read More

Current events

Current events. This past week in Israel was a very difficult one. It started with an attack on an Israeli Army base near Gaza, continued with the kidnapping of one Israeli soldier, then a young … Read More

Seek things above!

This past Saturday, I had the privilege to give a message at the Arab Christian/Messianic Jewish annual meeting in California. The message was a simple message about the importance for us believers to spend more … Read More