Eternal Leader

Parashat Tazria (She Conceives) Vayikra (Leviticus) 12:1–13:8 Shabbat HaChodesh (Shabbat of The Month): Exodus 12:1–20 Haftarah: Ezekiel 45:16–46:18 This week we have a special reading for what is known as Shabbat HaChodesh, which is the … Read More


Parashat Shemini (Eighth) Vayikra (Leviticus) 9:1–11:47 Maftir: Numbers 19:1–22 Haftarah: Ezekiel 36:16–38 This week there is a special reading for what is called “Shabbat Parah”, which is the Shabbat before the “Shabbat HaChodesh” (Sabbath of … Read More

Missing the Point

Parashat Tzav (Command) Leviticus 6:1-8:36 (English 6:8-8:36) Haftarah: Jeremiah 7:21-8:30 & 9:22-23 In reading and writing this week’s Scripture commentary, I noticed a conflict that made me ask “Are we missing the point?” In the … Read More

Following God Wholeheartedly

Parashat Vayikra (And He Called) Vayikra (Leviticus) 1:1–5:26 Special reading for Shabbat “Zachor” (Remembrance) Deuteronomy 25:17–19 Haftarah: 1 Samuel 15:1–44 We have a special reading this week for Shabbat “Zachor” (Remembrance), which is the Shabbat … Read More

The Weight of His Glory

Parashat Pequdei (Accounts Of) Shemot (Exodus) 38:21-40:38 Haftarah: 1 Kings 7:51-8:21 (Ashkenazi) 1 Kings 7:40-50 (Sephardic) In this week’s reading, we find a concept that I am not sure, today, we really understand. Oftentimes, I … Read More

A Willing Heart

Parashat VaYaqhel (And He Assembled) Shemot (Exodus) 35:1–38:20 Special reading for Shabbat Shekalim: Shemot (Exodus) 30:11–16 Haftarah: 2 Kings 11:17–12:17 (Sephardic) We have a special reading this week for “Shabbat Shekalim”, which is the Shabbat … Read More

Faithful & True

Parashat Ki Tisa (When You Lift Up) Shemot (Exodus) 30:11-34:35 Haftarah: 1 Kings 18:1-39 We read one of the most well-known, yet tragic accounts in the history of the people of Israel this week. It … Read More

Renewed by the Blood

Parashat Tetzaveh (You Shall Command) Shemot (Exodus) 27:20–30:10 Haftarah: Ezekiel 43:10–27 The phenomenon that the Creator of the Universe wants to dwell with us kept coming back to me as I studied this week’s Parashah. … Read More

Dwelling Among Us

Parashat Terumah (Donation) Shemot (Exodus) 25:1–27:19 Haftarah: I Kings 5:26–6:13 The miracle of God desiring to dwell among humankind gets lost on us; it is one of the most incredible aspects of God’s character that … Read More

Freedom to Choose

Parashat Mishpatim (Ordinances or Statutes) Shemot (Exodus) 21:1–24:18 Haftarah: Jeremiah 34:8-22, 33:25–26 One of the greatest gifts God has given to us is the freedom to choose. As I wrote in a previous blog (but … Read More