Hezbollah Threatens Israeli Gas Fields

The leader of Lebanese terrorist group, Hezbollah, threatened Israeli gas fields in the Mediterranean, saying that “All of Israel’s gas fields are under threat from our missiles – not just Karish…the ships that extract the … Read More

Israel to Revoke Terrorists Citizenship

Israel’s Supreme Court ruled that the state may revoke the citizenship of convicted terrorists. It would also apply to those convicted of treason, serious espionage, or seeking citizenship or permanent residency in a hostile nation … Read More

Investing in the Future Generation of Israel

High school students from our NerYah youth group volunteered time from their summer break to assemble special care packages for our believing soldiers. Not only do these packages remind our soldiers that we care for … Read More

IDF Strikes in Gaza

The Israeli Defense Forces struck a Hamas militant target in Gaza in response to shooting from Gaza into Israeli territory. The bullet hit a building in an industrial area bordering the Gaza Strip. In addition, … Read More

Thank You! — July 2022

Shalom from Jerusalem, Thank you for partnering with Hope for Israel! I am so grateful that you partnered with us as we serve minority communities in Israel.                   Israel is a country comprised of various … Read More

President Biden in Israel

President Biden landed in Israel for his first official visit as U.S. President. He will be in Israel for two days, and will then continue to Saudi Arabia. Biden was greeted by Prime Minister Yair … Read More

Prayer Letter — July 2022

Dear Prayer Partners, Summer is in the air! Students of all ages began summer vacation at the end of June. Unfortunately, the end of year was slightly interrupted by a teachers’ union strike, but at … Read More

Bennett Resigns Politics

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced his resignation from politics. Foreign Minister Yair Lapid will serve as PM until elections are held on November 1st. Bennett will not partake in those elections. In his televised announcement … Read More

Anti-Netanyahu Bill

The Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee began debating a contentious bill that would prevent opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu from running in the next elections. The so-called defendant bill states that a person facing criminal … Read More

Moroccan Workers

Israel has agreed to bring Moroccan workers into its construction and nursing sectors. Israeli Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked made the announcement during a recent visit to Rabat. Israel and Morocco normalized diplomatic relations in December … Read More