Shavuot & Redemption

Shavuot & Redemption by Moran Rosenblit This coming weekend, we are celebrating one of my favorite feasts in Israel, the Feast of Shavuot. Growing up in a Kibbutz (an Israeli agricultural commune), I have fond … Read More

Israel Releases Two Syrian Prisoners

Israel released two Syrian prisoners as a goodwill gesture for the return of fallen IDF soldier’s remains. Zachary Baumel, z”l, died in action in Lebanon in 1982, but his body was never returned to Israel … Read More

Israel Mourns Latest Synagogue Shooting in CA

PM Netayahu and Israel’s President Rivlin expressed deepest condolences at the latest attack on a synagogue in California. All of Israel mourns the tragic murder of Lori Kaye, who died in Saturday’s attack at a … Read More

Passover Preparations

Israelis are cleaning their dwellings for Passover! This is a time for cleaning out clutter, cleaning our homes and offices from “hametz” (anything with leaven), and preparing for the Passover meal. Please pray for all … Read More

Trump’s New Peace Plan

Now that the Israeli elections are decided, President Trump will soon release his peace plan between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs. While specific details are not known, this plan will be radically different from anything … Read More

Cyber Threats Ahead of Israel’s Election

Experts warn of cyber threats aimed at interfering with Israel’s upcoming elections. Many threats originate from Iran and Russia, and are targeting specific candidates running for election. Please pray for protection from cyber threats especially … Read More

Bracing for Gaza’s “Million Man March”

Israel is preparing for massive demonstrations at the Gaza-Israel border this weekend. These are not peaceful demonstrations, as past events have proven, and the potential for casualties is very high. Hamas is under intense scrutiny … Read More

2 Dead, 41 Injured in Terrible Bus Crash

Early Sunday morning, a bus packed with passengers collided with a car in central Israel as people made their way to work and school. Two people died, and 41 were injured, while more injuries are … Read More

Iran Interference in Israeli Elections

U.S. based media company, Vocativ, identified numerous fake social media accounts in Iran that are actively interfering in Israel’s upcoming elections. According to Vocativ, there are at least 350 fake Iranian accounts operating on Facebook, … Read More