Political Leaders and their Families

Pray for protection over Israel’s political leaders and their families. Pray for God’s guidance as they balance between politics and home life and pray that they will make righteous decisions that will steer Israel toward … Read More

Holding Hamas Accountable

One major issue contributing to the conflict between Gaza and Israel is the total absence of peace keeping efforts in Gaza as Hamas prefers instead to claim no connection with the attacks on the border … Read More

Accuracy in the Media

One major issue affecting Israel right now is misrepresentation in the media. Please join us in praying for a spirit of discernment regarding the situation here and for the truth to be made known. God … Read More

The Youth

We just had our end of the school year celebration with the youth of NerYah (our citywide youth group) yesterday. Please pray for strength and growth in each and every one of the youth as … Read More

Protection Over Southern Israel

Please continue to pray for the situation with Gaza. Yesterday, several fires broke out as a result of the fire kites and helium balloons sent by Hamas. The kites and balloons are reaching further into … Read More

Kites… Again

Please pray! Several fires broke out earlier today as a result of fire kites and balloons from Gaza, including some fires near a few southern Israel towns. Firefighters and foresters put out the fires and … Read More

Restoration of Israel’s Water Supplies

Today we saw amazing amounts of water in southern Israel. This was a huge blessing from two perspectives. First of all, Israel needs more rain. Second of all, rain means no burning kites. Please pray … Read More