Neryah Night of Worship

Partner with us! The NerYah youth group closed out 2021 in a night of worship! The youth gathered together in a Jerusalem prayer room to collectively thank God for what He has done this past … Read More

Rosh Hashanah and Repentance

By: Bill Katz For most people, the New Year is an opportunity for celebration.  Personally, I have always wondered if all the hoopla about this celebration has to do more with an opportunity to look … Read More

Operation Hesed — Rosh Hashanah

Support Operation HesedShalom and blessings from Jerusalem! It’s that time of year! The Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah (Feast of Trumpets) is almost here! Every year, partners like YOU join together with HFI to provide … Read More

NerYah 2020/2021

Partner with us!We just closed out the academic year with our incredible youth group! We said goodbye to the 12th graders who are soon enlisting in their mandatory military service, and we are ready to … Read More

Sneaky Rebellion

Parashat Korach Bamidbar (Numbers) 16:1–18:32 Haftarah: I Samuel 11:14–12:22 Do I accept God’s elect? Am I ok with the destiny, gifts, and responsibilities He has given me? Do I trust Him and His plan? These … Read More

Prayer Letter — June 2021

Last month was incredibly difficult for Israel. After a long year of multiple lockdowns due to the Coronavirus, Israel was left with no choice but to enter a military conflict with Hamas in the Gaza … Read More

Thank You! — May 2021

Shalom from Jerusalem! You no doubt have heard about the terribly difficult two weeks we in Israel went through in May. When Hamas attacked Jerusalem with a barrage of rockets on May 10th, Israel responded … Read More

Israel’s War with Hamas — What’s Really Happening?

May 2021 By Hope for Israel Staff Writer Israel is at war with Hamas…again. Although a ceasefire went into effect in the early morning hours of Friday, May 21st, 2021, the conflict is far from over. With … Read More


Israel is under attack! Hamas, the terrorist group ruling the Gaza Strip, fired a barrage of rockets into Israel on Monday. Numerous rockets hit towns surrounding Jerusalem; others were taken out by the Iron Dome … Read More

Prayer Letter — May 2021

Israel is opening up more and more each week! After being in lockdown for more days than any other country, we are all very happy to be establishing a new “normal”. We are cautiously optimistic, … Read More