Prayer Letter- July 2015

Dear Prayer Partners, Shalom and Greetings from Jerusalem! The kids are out of school and enjoying their summer break. We had our final NerYah meeting for this school year at the end of June and we are prayerfully seeking guidance for the summer plans on how to stay connected with the students and what direction God would have for us for next year’s group. Please keep the youth members in your … [Read more...]

Escalation in the number of terror Attacks

During the month of Ramadan we have seen a large increase in the number of terror attacks. Please pray for God to intervene and help more of the terrorist to be caught before they attack and for His protection over the people. … [Read more...]

Thank You Letter- July 2015

Dear Partner of Hope for Israel, Dear Partner of Hope for Israel, Shalom and greetings to you and your family! We have entered into the summer break for our youth group NerYah. The students are out of school and enjoying two months of vacation and time with friends and family. We had our last meeting at NerYah at the end of June and are excited to share with you a few testimonies from both … [Read more...]

Terror Attack

5 Israelis were wounded today in two terror attacks in Judea and Samaria, please pray for healing and for God's protection! … [Read more...]

Code Red Siren in the South!

More code red siren were in the South, please pray for God's protection over the people of Israel! … [Read more...]

New Flotilla

A new flotilla is on its way to Gaza, please pray that the Lord will turn it away and that this new possible crisis will end in a peaceful way. … [Read more...]

God’s Land!

Why is there so much turmoil over this tiny piece of land called Israel? Why has it been a place of contention for thousands of years? Why, especially today, is there such a desire to see Israel become “Palestine” and have Jerusalem governed by an international committee? The answer can be traced back to the covenant God made with Abram, which included a people and a land. As we learned in my … [Read more...]

Parashat Chukat (Statute of) Numbers 19:1-22:1

בס״ד By Baruch Parashat Chukat (Statute of) Numbers 19:1-22:1 Haftarah: Judges 11:1-33 In this week’s Parashah, we learn a very important quality of G-d, namely He will fight on behalf of His people. In the book of Exodus, when speaking about the crossing of the Red Sea (Sea of Reeds), HaShem is called a Man of War (See Exodus 15:3). Why do I want to emphasize this fact? Today, … [Read more...]

Breaking News!

More rockets were shot from Gaza; please pray for God's peace to cover southern Israel! … [Read more...]

UN Report Accuses Israel of War Crimes

The UN published a report today after investigating last year's Operation Protective edge. The UN council is to discuss the findings of the report in a session next Monday. Please pray for eyes to be opened and for the truth to be revealed to members of the UN council. In addition, please continue to pray for God's blessings on those people who stand for Israel. … [Read more...]