Israeli Elections

After months of internal arguments within the Israeli government, Prime Minister Netanyahu called for the dissembling of the current government and early elections that will take place on March 17th. In less than two months the nation will decide which political parties will lead the Israeli public into the imperceivable future. We ask for your prayers for the outcome of the upcoming elections. … [Read more...]

Yesterday’s attack by Hezbollah kills 2 IDF soldiers

The sequence of events that led to the death of two Israeli soldiers and seven more wounded after an anti-missile rocket hit the army truck they were in. On January 18, six Hezbollah members and an Iranian general were killed in Syria strike attributed to Israel. On Tuesday afternoon, two rockets were fired into the Golan Heights from Syria and Israel returned fire. Wednesday morning, Hezbollah … [Read more...]

“The Bible Says…”

I’ve been bringing tours to Israel for a decade now. On these tours, I have had the privilege to get to know various Tour Guides who are incredibly knowledgeable about Israel, her history, and even the Bible. One of the guides that I have become very close to is Isaac. Isaac is an amazing Tour Guide who knows his job very well, giving excellent explanations in the different sites we visit, which … [Read more...]

Parashat B’shalach (When he sent) Exodus 13:17-17:16

בס"ד Parashat B'shalach (When he sent) Exodus 13:17-17:16 Haftarah: Judges 4:4-5:31 In this week Torah portion, one learns about the uniqueness of the Shabbat. It is clear from many places in the Scriptures that the Shabbat is connected to rest. I have heard many people state that of course we need at least one day to rest each week. This has led many to wrongly conclude that as long as a … [Read more...]

Breaking News: IDF Vehicle Attacked from Lebanese Rocket

An IDF vehicle was hit by an anti-tank missile shot from Lebanon. Four soldiers were injured in the hit. The IDF responded with artillery fire into southern Lebanon. This comes after two rockets were fired into the Golan Heights yesterday and the IDF responded with artillery fire. Please be in prayer for the soldiers who were injured and that the situation will not continue to deteriorate to a … [Read more...]

Breaking News: Two Rockets Fired at Israel from Syria

Just now the code red sirens went off in the north near the border with Syria after two rockets were fired at Israel from Syria. Residents of the Hermon region are being evacuated and the Israeli army is returning fire. Reports have yet to determine who is responsible for the fire and if it is with the intention to engage with Israel. Please pray for the military and residents of the northern … [Read more...]

Safe Travels

The past two week, Hope for Israel was hosting a tour group with members from many nations of the world. Tonight the group travels home. Please pray for safety in their travels as well as pray for God to continue to work in their hearts in whatever way this trip to Israel changed or awakened something in their hearts. … [Read more...]

Our Words Have Power – יש כוח במילים

יש כוח במילים אגרת יעקב ג':1-12 יעקב מתחיל את הפרק הזה באזהרה למאמינים שלא כולם יחפצו להיות מורים. הוא מזהיר אותנו שגם כך כולנו מרבים להכשל אז עדיף לכמה שפחות אנשים להיות מורים ואז הוא מסביר את הסיבה. אין אדם אחד שהוא מושלם- כולנו נכשלים, אך זה שביכולתו לשלוט בלשונו הינו בעל יכולת לשלוט בכל גופו. ניתן להבין מכאן שהלשון היא האיבר שהכי קשה לשלוט בו ולכן אם השתלטת עליו הינך מסוגל לשלוט בכל איבר אחר … [Read more...]

Israel’s northern border

A week ago, the Israeli military carried out a secret operation that targeted and killed a major Hezbollah commander, an Iranian commander and other members of Hezbollah who were traveling together in Syrian village bordering Lebanon. It was reported that this was a team of terrorists planning an attack on Israel and were thus thwarted in their attempts because of Israeli intelligence. Both Iran … [Read more...]

Anti-Semitism continuing to spread

Recently 10 Israeli tourists in Argentina were attacked at a small hostel where they were staying. They were burned, beaten, and robbed for hours and shouting defamatory words against them because they are Jews. On a regular basis, there is another news report about another attack against Israelis or Jews worldwide. More and more Jews worldwide are seeing that one of the only safe havens for Jews … [Read more...]