Racist attacks

Since last week's massacre at the Jewish synagogue in Jerusalem, there have been a number of small incidents or attacks coming from both Israeli and Arab sides. There have been no lives lost, but the tensions and anger remains high. It is a vicious cycle of violence that has yet to cease. Please pray with us that this cycle of violence will cease and that those living with hatred in their hearts … [Read more...]

Tensions in Jerusalem

Walking the streets of Jerusalem, particularly at night, it is much quieter and less populated than usual in recent days. People fear being in public and feel the need to continually be on the lookout in all directions after numerous brutal and deadly attacks that have happened in the past few months. New reports of attacks occur on a near daily basis and reached their peek after this week's … [Read more...]

“May peace be within your walls; peace and quiet within your Palaces.” Psalm 122:7

I would like to start this entry with a word of encouragement for each one of you reading. As I study and prepare to write these blog entries, I find treasures in the richness of God’s Word. The depth of the Word is powerful, and when we come across a verse that, on the surface, may have a simple meaning, let me encourage you to take the time to search deeper; I believe that you will be amazed at … [Read more...]

Parashat Toldot (Offspring) Genesis 25:19-28:9

בס"ד Parashat Toldot (Offspring) Genesis 25:19-28:9 Shabbat Erev Rosh Chodesh Haftarah: I Samuel 20:18-42 One of the most significant passages of the Bible appears in this week's Torah portion. This passage is Isaac's blessing of his younger son Jacob. Isaac did not receive the special revelation that Rebecca was told, namely that it would be Jacob who would carry on the heritage of G-d. In … [Read more...]

Prayer Alert: Druze Policeman died of wounds from terror attack

Last night, 30-year old Druze Zidan Sif died of gunshot wounds he received after exchanging gunfire with the two terrorists who attacked the synagogue Tuesday morning. Zidan was married with a 4-month old daughter. Please be praying for this man's family as they mourn their loss. Pray for God's comfort and protection over them during this difficult time. Also please be in prayer for the other … [Read more...]

Our treasure-האוצר שלנו

האוצר שלנו מה אתה מחפש בחיים שלך? מה ברצונך להשיג? מה יחשב בחייך כהצלחה? אחרי מה אתה רודף? יעקב א':9-11 //  מתי ו':19-34 כשאנחנו קוראים את הפסוקים האלו בשני המקורות אנחנו רואים את העיקרון שהעושר בעולם הזה הינו דבר חולף והוא כחציר ייתיבש ויאבד. אנחנו קוראים ורואים גם שישוע קורא לנו בצורה מפורשת, וכן גם יעקב בצורה עקיפה, לאצור את אוצרותינו בשמים ולא בארץ. מה הכוונה? אנחנו נקראים לשרת ולפאר את … [Read more...]

How to deal with trials-איך להתמודד נכון עם ניסיונות

איך להתמודד נכון עם ניסיונות יעקב א':2-8 יעקב כותב את האיגרת אל היהודים שנמצאים בתפוצות. הוא מודע לכך שהיהודים עברו קשיים בארץ והינם עוברים קשיים גם כיום בגולה והוא מדריך אותם להתמודד עם הנסיונות והקשיים בצורה נכונה. הנסיונות והקשיים בחיי היום יום שלנו מכאיבים לעיתים, אך הם נועדו לקרב אותנו לאדון ולהעמיד אותנו ללא מום ביום חזרתו ארצה. הנסיונות בחיינו הם כמו תהליך של צריפת זהב- בתוך האש הרותחת … [Read more...]

Prayer Alert: Possible terror attack after shooting in a synagogue

Tuesday morning, there was a shooting in a synagogue and at least 4 men praying were shot and killed, several others injured. Supposedly there were two shooters, who also were attacking those in the synagogue with axes and knives, were killed by police. We will update as we receive more information. Please be praying for the injured who are being taken to the hospital and for the families of those … [Read more...]

Another American killed by ISIS

ISIS posted another video of a beheading of an American citizen, 26-year old Peter Kassig. Peter was kidnapped in Syria a year ago while he was doing humanitarian work for Syrian refugees. Please pray for Peter's family as they mourn and cope with the loss of their son after his death was published in such a horrific and public manner. Please pray that God will send friends and family to comfort … [Read more...]

Thank You Letter – November 2014

Shalom and greetings from Jerusalem!  During Operation Protective Edge, the Israeli military discovered tunnels that exited near a number of communities on the southern border with Gaza. For over a decade, rockets have rained down on these southern cities, putting families and livelihoods in danger. The discovery of tunnels terrified many of the residents of kibbutz Nir Am and neighboring … [Read more...]