Second Attack Killing Three

Just two hours after today's first deadly attack, another attack near the Gush Etzion Junction where a terrorist opened fire from his car at a minibus sitting in traffic. He sped off and ran into other cars, exited and opened fire again at the cars nearby. Three were killed and four more injured. One was an 18-year old American tourist, another was a man in his 50's. The third was a Palestinian … [Read more...]

Breaking News: Two killed and One Injured in Stabbing in Tel Aviv

Three Israelis were stabbed in Tel Aviv. Two were killed and the third moderately-seriously wounded. One attacker was apprehended and police are searching for the second accomplice who escaped. The story is still developing but reports say they were stabbed outside of a synagogue and found rescue inside the synagogue closing the doors as the attackers ran after them. Please be praying. This is the … [Read more...]

Wisdom for the Nations

Ever since the attacks in Paris occurred, every media outlet is buzzing with opinions about the war on Islamic extremists, ISIS and what to do about the refugees. Many people fear the current state of the world and their future's. Many people fear their lives from an infiltration of terror through unknown channels. These are legitimate issues and concerns, but we must be careful of the schemes of … [Read more...]

The Future Generation

During the past years, I have witnessed something that grieves my heart immensely – the increasing use of children to commit acts of terror in the ongoing struggle in the Middle East. In past years, children were encouraged to take to the streets to riot, to spit on and curse at law enforcement, and to throw stones and Molotov bottles. Yet, as we have recently witnessed in Israel and France, … [Read more...]

Blaming Israel

Already, as does in almost every occasion, there have already arisen a number of opinions and politicians blaming Israel for the attacks in Paris. This is nothing new, and obviously entirely unfounded and incorrect, but it can cause backlash against Jews. We ask for prayer that these voices blaming Israel will be quickly corrected and silenced so that they do not lead people astray and cause … [Read more...]

Prayers for Paris

Hope for Israel wants to send our deepest hearts condolences to the victims and families of those who were injured or killed in the terror attacks that took place in Paris. The same prayers we keep in our hearts for victims of terror in Israel, we share with you. We pray that the peace of God will replace all fear and darkness. … [Read more...]

Prayer Alert: Israeli father and son shot and murdered

Two Israeli civilians - a father and a son - were shot dead and another youth was wounded in a terrorist shooting outside of Otniel on Route 60 in the South Mount Hebron region on Friday afternoon. A Palestinian gunman fired at the vehicle and shot the two men in the front seat dead, others were sent to the hospital for shock treatment and one other wounded. Please pray for these two men's family … [Read more...]

The Consumer Boycott of Israel

The European Union recently approved the labeling of all products made in Judea and Samaria. How are we to respond to the consumer boycott of Israel? The second tier to the BDS campaign that we will address this week is the consumer / commercial boycott, whereby all Israeli companies, goods and services are dissuaded from being purchased. This is carried out on a number of levels: individual … [Read more...]

Final Ethiopian Aliyah

For five years, the last group of 9,146 Ethiopian Jews set to make aliyah have been waiting the approval of the Israeli government. Some of the members of this group have been separated from members of their families for years because part received acceptance to come to Israel while others did not. Now the government is allowing for the remaining family members to make aliyah as long as they … [Read more...]

Promises from the Past… Hope for the Future

The promises from the past give us confidence for today, leading us towards great hope for the future! In my last blog, Reaffirming the Covenant, I wrote, “One must understand the importance of the Land in God’s covenant with Abraham; there is an inextricable link between God’s promises to Abraham, his son Isaac, and the Land.” I also wrote, “The word of God is very clear about His promises. … [Read more...]