Another Attack Sunday Morning

Early Sunday morning before sunrise, an Israeli teenager was stabbed at a gas station near the Old City. The victim was rushed to the hospital and the police shot the perpetrator with the knife still in hand. This attack happened just the morning after another Palestinian man, claimed later by terrorist group Islamic Jihad, went on a stabbing and shooting spree in the Old City, killing two men and … [Read more...]

Prayer Alert: Stabbing in Old City

Five Israelis stabbed by a Palestinian man in the Old City, two of the victims is were killed, the other three suffered severe to moderate stab wounds. The Palestinian was shot and killed by security forces. Please be praying for the recovery of the wounded and the families of those killed. … [Read more...]

Surge in Tensions Overnight

After the murder of the Israeli couple on Thursday night a surge of revenge and counter attacks took place in different regions of Judea and Samaria. A car was set on fire and the sentence, "Revenge, Henkin" was graffitied on a house near Ramallah. Israelis pelted stones at oncoming cars, injuring a Palestinian commander at a junction near Nablus, sending him to the hospital. These type of revenge … [Read more...]

Breaking News: Shooting in Samaria

A shooting in Samaria killed two Israelis, the Henkin's, a mother and father in the front seats. Another vehicle approached the car and shot rounds of bullets at the car. The parents were killed and their four young boys that were seated in the back seat were unharmed. This tragic terror attack left four boys orphaned after they witnessed the horrifying scene of their parents being shot to death. … [Read more...]

Stand Firm!

In concluding my mini-series of blogs on the High Holy Days, I wanted to share some more thoughts that came to me over the past weeks of celebrating these biblical feasts. As I wrote in my last blog entry, we need to remember where we came from, remember that it was God who delivered us through His grace from darkness to light, as we became His children and He, our provider for everything. … [Read more...]

U.N. General Assembly Speeches

The past few days, the nations of the world are assembling together in New York for the 70th General Assembly Convention. The world gets a chance to hear from every world leader, recently President Obama, Iranian President Rouhani, and Egpytian President Sisi, all have given their speeches. Today, PA President Abbas addressed the nations and used this opportunity to threaten to no longer uphold … [Read more...]

Prayer Letter – October 2015

Dear Prayer Partners, Shalom and greetings from Jerusalem! This year October will bring back the routine of daily life after the summer months where kids were out of school and the High Holidays that followed shortly after in September. The first week of October Israelis are still in the middle of the weeklong celebration of Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles). Families are relaxing, eating and … [Read more...]

Prayer Alert: Rocket from Gaza

Tuesday night, a rocket was shot from Gaza and expected to land in Ashdod. The siren rang out loud and seconds following the Iron Dome intercepted the rocket before it landed. A militant group in Gaza connected with ISIS has claimed responsibility for Tuesday night's attack, as well as several other rocket attacks in the past few weeks. We praise God that there were no damages or injuries. Yet, … [Read more...]

Clashes on the Temple Mount

For over two weeks now, riots, rocks, firebomb and Molotov rocket throwing have regularly brought major disruptions to the Temple Mount. Uprisings on the Temple Mount is not necessarily something new in recent months, however, Palestinian protestors are purposely trying to bring disruption and violence during the Fall Feasts. This atmosphere causes Israeli security forces to get heavily involved … [Read more...]

Prayers for Sukkot

This evening, September 27, as the sun sets we welcome in the Feast of Booths, or in Hebrew it's called Sukkot. For seven full days, the people of Israel set up handmade booths outside their home, fully decorated and a place where families eat, gather, talk and sometimes sleep under for the duration of the week. It is a time of rejoicing and thanksgiving to God for His provisions He gave to the … [Read more...]