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  • South Africa

    April 21, 2015

    Israel just recently put out a travel warning for South Africa. The past few days there have been violent uprising where people are taking to the streets and threatening and even endangering the foreign community in some major cities and towns in South Africa. Lately we have also seen in increase in anti-Semitic protests in […]

  • Coalition Negotiations

    April 19, 2015

    All day today Netanyahu is sitting down at the negotiation table with representatives of parties Kulanu, Shas, and United Torah Judaism in order to try to reach an agreement. Already Bibi is needing to request a two week extension to give time for negotiations to be reached. Originally, he voiced with confidence that a coalition […]

  • Iran Deal

    April 17, 2015

    There has been so much controversy over this nuclear-disarmament deal between Iran and the U.S., along with several other world powers. There are many who support it and many that are strongly protesting it. Please simply pray for God’s will to be done in this specific instance. We ask that you would pray for political […]

  • Holocaust Memorial Day in Israel

    April 16, 2015

    Today is what is technically referred to as the Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day. Different countries of the world have different dates for Holocaust Remembrance Day, however this year April 16 in Israel commemorates the loss of six million Jewish lives in the Holocaust of World War II. This was the largest genocidal act against the […]

  • Antisemitism on the Rise

    April 15, 2015

    Another report was released today by the Cantor Center that revealed that there has been a 40 percent rise in violent anti-semitism around the world. over 766 violent incidents occurred worldwide. Many Jewish families and individuals have started to report that they feel in danger in their European countries, something pushing them to consider moving […]

Will History Repeat Itself? By T. Michelle

This year on April 16, alongside Jewish communities worldwide, Israel is commemorating Yom HaZikron laShoah ve-laGvura (the Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day). This is a day for the Jewish people … [Read More...]

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From Remembrance to Independence

This week in Israel is a very special week as we remember the six million Jewish men, women, and children who were murdered by the Nazis during the time of the Shoah (the Holocaust). This was, no … [Read More...]


Parshiot Tazria and Metzora (She will conceive & Leper)

בס״ד By Baruch: LoveIsrael.org Parshiot Tazria and Metzora (She will conceive & Leper) Leviticus 12:1-13:58 & 14:1-15:33 Haftarah: I Samuel 20:18-42 Shabbat Erev Rosh Chodesh Iyar This … [Read More...]