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  • Two Stabbing Attempts Tuesday Morning

    December 01, 2015

    Tuesday morning, there were two stabbing attempts in Judea and Samaria. The first left one woman lightly injured from shrapnel at the scene, but the attacker was shot and killed before causing any harm. Within hours of the first stabbing, in another location, a Palestinian woman charged an IDF officer, but was shot and later […]

  • PM Netanyahu and President Abbas

    November 30, 2015

    Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Abbas briefly met and shook hands at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris today, shaking hands for the first time in five years. This was not a diplomatic meeting to discuss peace talks, but it is a good reminder for us to be praying for these […]

  • Two Stabbings Sunday Morning in Jerusalem

    November 29, 2015

    Sunday morning there were two stabbings within a couple hours from each other. The first attack took place near the Damascus Gate in the Old City when a Palestinian man from Nablus charged two border policemen with a knife. He stabbed one in the neck before he was shot and killed by other officers. Two […]

  • Wave of Terror in Judea and Samaria

    November 27, 2015

    For the past week, the number of attacks in Judea and Samaria has jumped leading to several injured and a number killed. This morning near Ma’ale Adumim a car sped into a bus stop where two Israeli soldiers were waiting. He wrecked his car into the post and got out of the vehicle running towards […]

  • Road Accident Carrying Soldiers

    November 26, 2015

    A civilian bus carrying 50 military personnel overturned on the road killing 1 female soldier and injuring 39 others. The injured were rushed to the hospital and are being treated for moderate to light wounds. Please pray for all who were in involved in this accident, especially the family and friends of the girl who […]

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Prayer Letter – December 2015

Dear Prayer Partners, Shalom and greetings from Jerusalem! Beginning the eve of December 6 for eight days we celebrate Chanukah, the Feast of Lights or Dedication. This is a special time of year where the Jewish people commemorate the rededication of the Second Temple at the time … [Read More...]

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God’s Promises Continue

In recent blog entries, we have studied God’s unconditional covenant with Abraham and Isaac. This covenant was not just for them, for that time and place, but was also to continue with their descendants. It is a spiritual law that God’s Word and Promises must come to pass; He is not a liar, nor does He go back on His Word. We can see the continuation of these unchangeable promises with Jacob, the son of Isaac, the grandson of Abraham. Genesis … [Read More...]